About Us

Today, COVID-19 is forcing the world through a monumental change of unprecedented instability, uncertainty and anxiety.

The retail sector, supply chain and logistics are also undergoing a fundamental reset and restructure. At uncertain times like this having a sound partnership in a major sourcing country like Pakistan becomes even more vital for long term viability, reliability, stability and efficiency throughout the buying process.

Having a strong, indigenous team led by a western educated management, able to understand, conceptualize and translate the requirements and mentality of European buyers; while at the same time being well established in Pakistani society, is cultural imperative that most overseas buyers seem to either overlook or aren’t cognizant of.

We at Geotex Marketing Inc., have over twenty-five years of experience in supporting buying and sourcing services, particularly to Germany but also to other European countries and the USA. Over the years the Company has established itself as a niche service provider, operating at the highest levels of integrity, transparency and professionalism with an impeccable market reputation. We have built trust with customers and manufactures alike and drive a tenacious, experienced and motivated team of professionals. Geotex is your company’s international purchasing department on location.

We have an excellent reach to most major manufacturers in Pakistan. We have an experienced team of professionals that execute our services to highest levels of professionalism and integrity.

Asad S. Hamid

Founder and CEO
Asad Hamid has over two decades of experience in the Pakistan textile industry, dating back to his days with a screenprinting company in London, England that imported knitted garments for the UK market. He followed that with a Diploma in Business Studies from Hammersmith University in London and a Bachelor’s degree in Business Marketing from California State University. Asad has worked extensively in supporting sourcing and buying activities from Pakistan for European and U.S. buyers, with a special focus on the German market. Since 1994, he has represented the METRO Group of Companies.

Alyna Hamid

Head of Merchandising
With a wide-ranging academic background including studies in Fashion Design at Ryerson University and Kinesiology at the University of British Columbia, Alyna Hamid brings international experience in retail and design to her position as head of our merchandising team. In this role, she maintains a smooth and reliable buying experience. She also ensures integrity and transparency of the QC process, as well as sustainability and compliance throughout the supply chain.

Tariq Sattar

Senior Merchandiser
With over twenty-four years’ experience in merchandising, Tariq Sattar has sound technical knowledge in garments and home textiles, gained with working experience in factories and sourcing companies. His strong organisational skills have contributed to growing and developing compliant vendors throughout the supply chain. He effectively handles a several million-dollar turnover, partners with production to ensure that sourcing strategies are cost effective and manages a motivated merchandising team.